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端午截單安排 截單日:2023年6月12日 (下午6:00) 最後送貨日:2023年6月15 – 16日 網購暫停期:2023年6月13 – 22日 網購恢復日:2023年6月23日 如有任何查詢,歡迎致電熱線 2662 0622

Terms and Conditions

Shopping Process, Payment Method, Delivery Arrangement and FAQs

How to Order

1. Choose your product, add to Cart and submit your order
2. Completed the online payment
3. After system received your order, our CS representative will contact you within 1-2 working days to follow-up the order and delivery arrangement.

4. Once order confirmed, the delivery will be completed within 1-3 working days.  

Online Payment Method

Visa/ Master Credit Card

Alipay HK


Cash on delivery is not available.

Delivery Arrangement

Enjoy complimentary local delivery service upon purchase of HK$300; For orders under HK$300 (after discount), a delivery fee of HKD$150 will be charged.

Please note that the purchase invoice will be delivered together with your ordered products by our logistics team.

Delivery service covers: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories, Ma Wan, Sai Kung Town Centre, Tung Chung Town Center, Sha Tau Kok (deliver access restricted to Ping Che Road roundabout)Some Village area (pick up at entrance or intersection).

Some Village areas: Tuen Mum, Yuen Long, Kam Tin, Tai Tong, Tai Po (excluded Sam Mun Tsai, Tai Mei Tuk, Po Sam Pai Village), Tai Po Lam Tsuen and Fanling.

Ground pick up: Wan Chai Tower, Langham Place Office Tower and Container Terminals.

Delivery does not cover: Island district, Tung Chung (non Town Center), Sai Kung (Non Town Centre), Stonecutters Island, Sha Tau Kok (area passed by Ping Che Road roundabout), Restricted area, Suburban area and non-covered Village area.

The delivery service cannot be provided in the following situations:

1. Due to traffic regulations or any related reason, the courier trucks cannot directly access, reach or stop at the unloading area.
2. The delivery location failed to ensure the delivery personnel safety.
3. The remote delivery location or restricted area with additional fees including tolls,restricted area fees, fees charged by unloading areas and container centers,etc.

    (Parking fee will be subjected to charge the customer).

4. Delivery address are concentrated transportation center, post office boxes and buildings without elevator.

5. No legal unloading area within 50 meters.


1. Change or Cancel Order

We are apologized that no order changes or cancellation is accepted. Once payment was completed, the system will send data in real time for stocking preparation,any changes will be affected the delivery arrangement. Thank you for your understanding.

2. How to change the delivery date or request a specific delivery time?

The order and the delivery date cannot be changed once being confirmed. The delivery time is from 8:30am till 7:00pm. Since our logistic team has the fixed delivery route everyday, we are apologizes that consumer are not able to select a specific delivery time.

Please check the order information carefully before payment (including ordered quantity, items and discounted offer etc.).

3. Delivery timeframe

Once payment being confirmed, the delivery is approximately 7 working days from the date of purchase.

If our CS representative fails to confirm the delivery details with you for any reason within 7 working days, the order will be cancelled and followed by the refund process.

Customers will have the refunded amount credited to the credit card used to make theorder within 2–4 weeks. The actual time taken to complete a refund will dependson the process/ timeframe used by a customer's bank.

4. Order Status / Delivery Status / Payment Status

If you are a registered member of Chan Kee e-Shop, status information can be checked in ordered history after sign in.

5. Can I combine the orders?

Order cannot be combined. Consumer enjoy complimentary local delivery service upon purchase of HK$300.

If you have more than one order are pending to confirm the delivery arrangement, you can combine the delivery together by request when our CS representative contact you to follow up the delivery arrangement.

6. Can you contact me via WhatsApp?

WhatsAppis only used to communicate the delivery appointment with consumer at the moment.

For any other inquiries, please call our CS hotline 2662 0622 during office hours.


1. How to know the payment was accepted successfully?

You will receive a confirmation email that indicated the order had been paid successfully. Please be patient and we will arrange the delivery for you after you had submitted the order and settled the payment. You can also check the payment status in the order record:

If payment success, payment status indicates Paid;

If payment fail, payment status indicated “Unpaid”.

2. Payment Failed

Duringvthe payment process, there may be failed due to the factors of network system instability, payment time-out, system issue of payment gateway platform

If the payment was failed, please check:

Credit Card Payment

Please confirm if the payment information you inputted is correct, including credit card number, expiry date, CVN and one-time password. The transaction cannot be processed if there is any wrong credit card information or disconnection during payment.

Alipay HK Payment

Please confirm if you are a registered user of Alipay HK and ensure your device was already installed the latest version on Alipay HK Apps.

PayMe Payment

Please confirm if you are a registered user of PayMe and ensure your device was already installed the latest version on PayMe Apps.

Make sure you have signed in to your PayMe account and have enough money balance or have already top-up effectively in your account to make the payment completed.

If you experienced any difficulties during a payment transaction, we recommend you can try another payment method. If you are not sure whether you have completed the payment, please don't worry although you have received the payment notification from the bank or payment service, the amount is not authorized and transferred to Chen Kee Dim Sum yet. 

The payment platform may temporarily freeze the relevant credit amount and return it to your payment account within 2-4 weeks. If you have any payment related questions, please contact the relevant bank or payment platform for follow-up.

If you have enjoyed a promotion/ discount offer in a failed transaction, please check the terms and conditions of the relevant offer in order to find out whether you can enjoy the same offer in next purchase order again.


1. Delivery Failed

After delivery arrangement was confirmed by CS representative, please prepare for receiving goods and ensurethe contact person is reachable before delivery and available to
receive the goods.
Please note that only 3 deliveries per order in any circumstances. Order will be cancelled and the goods will be destroyed after delivery failed. No refund and re-delivery arrangement.

2. Address do not belong to the delivery afterpayment

We recommend that you read the delivery terms and information carefully before payment. Please contact our CS hotline 2662 0622 for any inquiries first.

Once the delivery address is not covered on delivery listwhich was being confirmed by our CS representative, the order will be cancelled and followed by the refund process. Customers will have the refunded amount credited to the credit card used to make the order within 2–4 weeks. The actual time taken to complete a refund will depends on the process/ timeframe used by a customer's bank. 

3. Delivery Arrangement under Typhoon / Inclement Weather Condition

When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning is hoisted, delivery service will be temporarily subject to suspended / cancelled.

Our CS representative will contact you within 1-2 working days to re-arrange the goods delivery.

Product Return / Exchange / Report Item Problems / Missing / Damage

Returns and exchanges are not available for shipped orders.

If there are product damages/ errors or omissions during receiving goods or signing for receipt, please contact our CS hotline 2662 0622 and notify our CS representative on the same-day immediately for follow-up.

Discount terms : 

All product discounts are rounded off.

In case of disputes, Chan Kee Foods Limited reserves the rights of final decision.