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端午截單安排 截單日:2023年6月12日 (下午6:00) 最後送貨日:2023年6月15 – 16日 網購暫停期:2023年6月13 – 22日 網購恢復日:2023年6月23日 如有任何查詢,歡迎致電熱線 2662 0622

Anti-Fraud Statement

This Store is still under preparation, the following information shall not be accurate or updated and may not be applicable to your shopping experience on this Store. Please contact the Store for further and correct information  should you have any questions toward contents below.

Hello dear customer

{shop name} will not ask you for relevant financial account and credit card information through text messages or phone calls in any name or reason.

If you receive relevant phone calls or text messages, please be vigilant, and do not trust the instructions of unknown calls. If you have any doubts, please contact {shop name} at the first time or call the Police Department for confirmation.

When you receive an unknown call, please be vigilant, and beware of the method of the other party tampering with the phone number or pretending to be a specific company, bank, or judicial agency . Please do not click on unknown links, social media friend invitations or text messages you do not know.

Common fraudulent tactics such as "repeated ordering" and "wrongly setting up installment payment" to win the trust of consumers, and then require online banking or ATM operation procedures. If it is related to bank accounts, please call the bank directly. If the content of the call requires you to operate relevant accounts and provide information, please refuse directly to reduce the risk of fraud.

Please also change your password regularly, strengthen the password strength (use a mixture of uppercase and lowercase English and numbers), and do not enter account passwords on public computers to improve information security.

{shop name} customer service email: